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Local Storm Report for Gaylord, MI

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NWUS53 KAPX 281340

Preliminary Local Storm Report...Summary
National Weather Service Gaylord MI
940 AM EDT Tue May 28 2024

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0600 PM     Rain             1 SSE Beaver Island     45.69N 85.55W
05/27/2024  M4.05 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   CO-OP Observer

            Total daily rainfall so far, still raining.
            Observer estimates precipitation began
            around 0200.

0737 AM     Rain             5 SSE Torch Lake        45.00N 85.34W
05/28/2024  U3.48 Inch       Antrim             MI   Broadcast Media

            Approx 10 miles north of Elk Rapids, relayed
            by media.

0739 AM     Rain             3 SW Bayshore           45.32N 85.14W
05/28/2024  U3.30 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Broadcast Media

            6 miles east of Charlevoix, relayed by

0957 PM     Rain             3 NW Boyne City         45.21N 85.00W
05/27/2024  M2.75 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Public

            24 hour total.

0950 PM     Rain             2 E Norwood             45.24N 85.32W
05/27/2024  M2.38 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station CW3642 Charlevoix.

0552 AM     Rain             Lovells                 44.80N 84.46W
05/28/2024  M2.15 Inch       Crawford           MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-CF-9 Grayling 15.8 NE.

0700 AM     Rain             3 SSE Ellsworth         45.12N 85.21W
05/28/2024  M2.08 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-CX-9 Ellsworth 3.4 SSE.

0150 PM     Rain             2 E Norwood             45.24N 85.32W
05/27/2024  M1.95 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station CW3642 Charlevoix.

0145 PM     Rain             6 SSW Beaver Island     45.63N 85.61W
05/27/2024  M1.82 Inch       LMZ362             MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station EW1109 Beaver Island.

0800 AM     Rain             9 SSW Gaylord           44.91N 84.72W
05/28/2024  M1.80 Inch       Otsego             MI   Official NWS Obs

            From NWS-WFO Gaylord. 24 hour total ending
            at 12Z (8 am).

0912 PM     Rain             3 SSW Hartwick Pines St 44.72N 84.71W
05/27/2024  M1.79 Inch       Crawford           MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station GYGM4 Grayling.

0700 AM     Rain             1 WSW Ironton           45.26N 85.22W
05/28/2024  M1.78 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-CX-4 Charlevoix 4.3 SSE.

0830 AM     Rain             1 NE Lake Bellaire      44.96N 85.23W
05/28/2024  M1.75 Inch       Antrim             MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-AT-12 Bellaire 1.8 SW.

0948 PM     Rain             Mancelona               44.90N 85.07W
05/27/2024  M1.69 Inch       Antrim             MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station DW3512 Mancelona.

0800 AM     Rain             1 ESE Mancelona         44.90N 85.05W
05/28/2024  M1.67 Inch       Antrim             MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-AT-6 Mancelona 0.5 ESE.

0830 AM     Rain             1 SSE Mio               44.65N 84.12W
05/28/2024  M1.62 Inch       Oscoda             MI   CO-OP Observer

            CO-OP Observer station MYOM4 Mio WWTP.

1010 AM     Rain             2 E Norwood             45.24N 85.32W
05/27/2024  M1.60 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station CW3642 Charlevoix.

0732 AM     Rain             1 N Mio                 44.68N 84.13W
05/28/2024  M1.54 Inch       Oscoda             MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station MMOM4 Mio.

0453 AM     Rain             1 SSW Gaylord           45.02N 84.68W
05/28/2024  M1.53 Inch       Otsego             MI   ASOS

            ASOS station KGLR Gaylord - Otsego County

0800 AM     Rain             Charlevoix              45.32N 85.27W
05/28/2024  M1.52 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   CO-OP Observer

            CO-OP Observer station CHRM4 Charlevoix.

1114 AM     Rain             3 NW Boyne City         45.21N 85.00W
05/27/2024  M1.50 Inch       Charlevoix         MI   Public

0531 AM     Rain             4 S Sid Town            44.38N 83.60W
05/28/2024  M1.50 Inch       Iosco              MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station SCKM4 Silver Creek.

0530 AM     Rain             3 S Pleasant View       45.48N 84.93W
05/28/2024  M1.32 Inch       Emmet              MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station DW7032 New Haven.

0700 AM     Rain             3 WNW Fairview          44.74N 84.11W
05/28/2024  M1.29 Inch       Oscoda             MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-OD-4 Mio 5.6 NNE.

0100 AM     Rain             1 S Suttons Bay         44.96N 85.65W
05/28/2024  M1.27 Inch       Leelanau           MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station FW9533 Suttons Bay.

0700 AM     Rain             2 NNE Otsego Lake State 44.96N 84.68W
05/28/2024  M1.26 Inch       Otsego             MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-OT-17 Gaylord 4.1 S.

0700 AM     Rain             3 N Bellaire            45.02N 85.21W
05/28/2024  M1.25 Inch       Antrim             MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-AT-9 3 N Bellaire.

0700 AM     Rain             2 WNW Rapid City        44.85N 85.32W
05/28/2024  M1.10 Inch       Kalkaska           MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-KK-4 Rapid City 2.2 WNW.

0730 AM     Rain             2 SSE Glennie           44.54N 83.70W
05/28/2024  M1.08 Inch       Alcona             MI   CO-OP Observer

            CO-OP Observer station GLNM4 Glennie 2 SE.

0530 AM     Rain             1 E Garnet              46.15N 85.27W
05/28/2024  M1.02 Inch       Mackinac           MI   Mesonet

            Mesonet station REXM4 1 WNW Rexton.

0700 AM     Rain             1 ENE Harbor Springs    45.43N 84.98W
05/28/2024  M1.01 Inch       Emmet              MI   Cocorahs

            Cocorahs station MI-EM-5 Harbor Springs 0.7



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